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Luxury Manicure , Volcano Pedicure & Facial
Hybrid tap gel, deluxe gel pedicure, & hair style
Dip Nails, volcano gel pedicure
Full face wax & facial
Eyelashes lift, eyelashes tint, eyebrows lift, wax, & tint
Hybrid Eyelashes extensions & facial
Gel manicure & Deluxe gel pedicure
Facial & volcano gel pedicure
Facial & Deluxe gel pedicure
Hybrid tap gel & relaxing gel pedicure


Nail Services
A variety of professional nail services to suit your needs and help you get the perfect nails
Full set
$50 & up
$40 & up
Color Acrylic
$60 & up
$45 & up
Pink & White
$70 & up
$60 & up
$70 & up
$60 & up
Ombré color
$75 & up
$65 & up
Tap Hybrid Gel No Odor
$65 & up
$55 & up
Gel x
$70 & up
$55 & up
Ombré Hybrid Tap Gel
$75 & up
$65 & up
Luminary Structural Gel
$70 & up
$55 & up
Hi-End nail enhancement (soaking off formula) strong as acrylic but lightweight as Gel Odor free, clean application, healthy & classy & natural looking Overlay or Extenstion
Price based on length-shape-removal
  • Regular Dip: $45 & up
  • French Dip: $55 & up
  • Ombre Dip: $60 & up
  • Dip Take Off: $5

*Trim & shape your nails, cuticle grooming, glue, powder dip, and hand massage with a hot towel.

Whether you're looking for a simple polish change or a complete pampering experience, we hope you'll choose us for all your manicure needs!
Basic Manicure
Enjoy yourself as we cut and shape your nails, groom the cuticles, and massage your hands with a hot towel. It also comes with a regular polish of your choice.
Luxury manicure
Including everything on the Basic manicure, with additions of sugar scrub and smooth paraffin treatments
Relaxing Pedicure
Relax and unwind after a long day with our pedicure. With the Relaxing pedicure, your nails will be cut and shaped, and cuticles will be groomed. We then apply the cooling gel, sugar scrub, followed by a hot stone massage with hot towel to leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.
Rejuvenate pedicure
Delight your feet as we cut and shape your nails, and remove your cuticle. The callus removal, sugar scrub and a hot stone massage with a hot towel, followed by a smooth cooling gel, will make your skin even brighter and smoother.
Organic Deluxe pedicure
An upgrade of our Deluxe pedicure as we use only natural sea salt. After grooming your feet and removing the callus, we apply the sugar scrub to exfoliate your skin. Followed by a hydrating mask and a 10-minute massage with hot stones and hot towel that allows your tired feet to relax.
Organic Volcano pedicure
Our 5-step Organic Volcano Pedicure has it all. The Detox Volcano Crystals and Activator are combined to create a solution that has a bubbling, interesting effect. Allow a foot soak to detoxify and soften your skin. We then remove the callus and apply a generous amount of raw sugar scrubs infused with essential oils to rejuvenate your skin and enhance vibrancy. Also, we apply the Collagen cream mask to remove the rest of the impurities and rejuvenate the skin.
As the perfect ending to this treatment, you will receive Paraffin treatment, hot stones, and a 15-minute Collagen massage with lotion; as it absorbs, you will have a soft, silky-looking skin you have always wanted.
24 Karat Pedicure
Indulge in our luxurious spa pedicure experience, beginning with our Vitamin E-infused nutrition base, relieving stress and treating irritated skin. Next, our gentle sugar scrub exfoliates and hydrates, perfect for dry and dehydrated skin types. Experience the detoxifying benefits of our Golden Mask, suitable for all skin types. Enhance your massage with our pH-balanced Serum Massage Oil, boosting stimulation and blood circulation. Finally, our Body Butter moisturizes, smooths, and nourishes the skin, reducing wrinkles and preventing stretch marks. And don’t forget our soothing paraffin wax treatment, 15-minute massage, and hot stones for added indulgence.
Pedicure bomb
Experience the ultimate relaxation with our pampering treatment. You'll receive a Paraffin treatment, hot stones, and a 12-minute Collagen massage with lotion to leave your skin soft and silky. Our Pedi Bomb offers up to seven benefits, including relaxation and blood circulation, and our Disposable Pedi Kit ensures a safe experience. Try our Jojoba Beads Scrub for youthful skin, and our Collagen Mask Treatment to reduce fine lines. Choose from scents like Lavender for relaxation or Papaya & Cucumber for skin benefits. Discover the beauty of healthy, rejuvenated skin with us.
Hurricane Action Pedicure
Elevate your relaxation with our Hurricane Action Pedicure. Immerse your senses in pure bliss as we pamper your feet with a soothing Paraffin treatment, a tranquil 18-minute Hot Stone and Collagen massage, and a rejuvenating scrub. Our pedicure offers a myriad of benefits, from enhanced relaxation to improved circulation, all within a safe and hygienic environment. Indulge in youthful skin with our scrub and mask, and choose from our enticing scent collection for added skin benefits. Discover the allure of healthy, rejuvenated skin with us today!
Additional Services
Additional Gel polish
Paraffin treatment
Extra Callus removal
$3 & up
Curl French
Different Shapes & Length
$5 & up
Coffin, Almond, Stiletto, Ballerina
Nails Take off
$15 & up
$15 & up
$10 & up
$12 & up
Upper Lip
$8 & up
Bottom lip
$8 & up
$15 & up
Combo -eye -lip -chin
$38 & up
$15 & up
$15 & up
Full face
$50 & up
$25 & up
Half bottom Legs
$40 & up
Half top legs
$45 & up
Full legs
$75 & up
Half arms
$30 & up
Full arms
$50 & up
$45 & up
$40 & up
$30 & up
$70 & up
Facial Services
This service includes the steam to help open up your pores, the serum to help hydrate your skin, and the cream to help nourish and moisturize your skin. It also comes with a mask to help draw out impurities and leave your skin feeling refreshed. We then end with a neck and shoulder massage to relieve stress and leave you feeling relaxed.
With a variety of volumes, lengths, and curls designed for your eye shape and style, these lashes are sure to make a lasting impression. Made with high-quality materials, your lashes are guaranteed to last from 2-4 weeks without curling and damage, so you can flaunt a beautiful look for weeks on end.
Everything up
Fill volume
Fill hybrid
Fill Individual
Lash Lift
The revolutionary new way to get gorgeous, voluminous lashes without any damage. Our unique formula curls your lashes naturally, so you get the perfect lashes every time. We make sure your lashes will last from 2-4 weeks, so you can enjoy your gorgeous lashes for longer.
Eyebrows Lamination
$50 & up
Eyelashes tint
$20 & up
Eyebrows tint
$35 & up
Combo lashes lift and tint
$100 & up
Combo eyebrows lift and tint
$80 & up
Free retouch after 1st month
Micro shading
Free retouch after 1st month
Free retouch after 1st month
$75 & up
$75 & up
Men hair cut
$20 & up
Women hair cut
$35 & up
Color retouch
$75 & up
Kid's Services
(For children 9 years and under)
Gel manicure
Gel pedicure


The quality of the work was excellent. The staff took their time with each customer, and the environment was calm and peaceful. I highly recommend it.
I would like to give my highest recommendation for the nail services at the salon. The staff are professional and very talented. They take their time to make sure your nails look perfect. I have never been disappointed with the results.
I was really pleased with the service I received at the salon. My nails looked amazing, and the staff were friendly. I would definitely recommend this salon to anyone looking for a great nail service.
The nail salon was a great experience! The staff did an excellent job on my nails. I will definitely be returning to this salon for future services. I was extremely pleased with my recent pedicure and manicure services at your salon. The staff were very nice and I was also very impressed with the cleanliness and overall environment of the salon.
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